User Driven it-innovation

Jesper Simonsen
  • Participatory Design
  • Effects-driven IT
  • Health IT
Kija Lin Østergaard
  • Health IT
  • Participatory Design
  • Outreach (ICU follow up)

Brugerdreven it-innovation

Keld Bødker
Associate Professor
  • Participatory design
  • Diffusion of IT
  • Project Management

The key principle of the UDI research group – User Driven it Innovation – is to involve users in the design process from start to end. The purpose of our research is to be able to do it projects more successfully and with better results. Our research areas are:

Design science

We research by exploration, testing and reflection how to turn design into an accepted research method

Jan Pries-Heje
Research group leader
  • IT Project Management
  • Design Science and Innovation
  • Software Engineering
Nina Boulus-Rødje
Assistant Professor
  • Information systems
  • Computer-supported cooperative work
  • IT in health care
Diffusion and adoption of IT
We investigate how IT is being disseminated throughout our society at large and at organizational and individual levels. Our long-term goal is to theorize and model how novel technologies are diffused and adopted in new ways by organizations and individuals.
Software Process Improvement (SPI)
We investigate how organizations can improve their software development processes. Our long term goal is to uncover the relationship between SPI and novel development approaches such as agile and lean development, as well as the role of user-driven SPI.
Bendicte Fleron
Assistant Professor
  • Health Informatics
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work
  • Organizational IT implementation
Arnvør á Torkilsheyggi
  • Health IT
  • Design-in-use
  • Pilot implementation
Health IT
We research how it can be used to improve coordination and communication between healthcare professionals. The long term goal is for the healthcare professionals to have it solutions – electronics records, large displays, etc. – with documented benefits.
Evaluation and Effects-driven IT development
We investigate how the effects of IT usage can be specified and measured and how they can be assigned a prominent role in the management of IT projects.
Keywords: User participation, local experimentation, formative evaluation, sustained improvement, measurable effects, quality development.
Magnus Hansen
Assistant Professor
  • Design Science
  • Evaluation of IT process improvement
  • Organizational Usability

Bruger-dreven it-innovation

Niels Christian Juul
Associate Professor
  • It security
  • Privacy
  • Technology diffusion
Morten Brandrup
  • Effects-driven IT development
  • Mobile Experience Sampling
  • Health IT

User Driven it-innovation